Gets all performance counters on the system that are percentaged based values. These counters will work well on a performance counter heatmap When run in Azure, this will list all percentage based performance counters available to an Azure instance.

\Processor Information(*)\% Performance Limit \Processor Information(*)\% Privileged Utility \Processor Information(*)\% Processor Utility \Processor Information(*)\% Processor Performance \Processor Information(*)\% of Maximum Frequency \Processor Information(*)\% Priority Time \Processor Information(*)\% C3 Time \Processor Information(*)\% C2 Time \Processor Information(*)\% C1 Time \Processor Information(*)\% Idle Time \Processor Information(*)\% Interrupt Time \Processor Information(*)\% DPC Time \Processor Information(*)\% Privileged Time \Processor Information(*)\% User Time \Processor Information(*)\% Processor Time \Physical Network Interface Card Activity(*)\% Time Suspended (Lifetime) \Physical Network Interface Card Activity(*)\% Time Suspended (Instantaneous) \SMB Server Sessions(*)\% Persistent Handles \SMB Server Sessions(*)\% Resilient Handles \SMB Server Shares(*)\% Persistent Handles \SMB Server Shares(*)\% Resilient Handles \W3SVC_W3WP(*)\% 500 HTTP Response Sent \W3SVC_W3WP(*)\% 404 HTTP Response Sent \W3SVC_W3WP(*)\% 403 HTTP Response Sent \W3SVC_W3WP(*)\% 401 HTTP Response Sent \.NET CLR Memory(*)\% Time in GC \.NET CLR Loading(*)\% Time Loading \.NET CLR Jit(*)\% Time in Jit \.NET CLR Security(*)\% Time Sig. Authenticating \.NET CLR Security(*)\% Time in RT checks \ASP.NET Applications(*)\Cache % Machine Memory Limit Used \ASP.NET Applications(*)\Cache % Process Memory Limit Used \ASP.NET Applications(*)\% Managed Processor Time (estimated) \ASP.NET Apps v4.0.30319(*)\Cache % Machine Memory Limit Used \ASP.NET Apps v4.0.30319(*)\Cache % Process Memory Limit Used \ASP.NET Apps v4.0.30319(*)\% Managed Processor Time (estimated) \Database(*)\Sessions % Used \Database(*)\Table Open Cache % Hit \Database(*)\Database Cache % Hit \Database(*)\Database Cache % Hit (Uncorrelated) \Database(*)\Database Cache % Dehydrated \Database ==> TableClasses(*)\Database Cache % Hit \Database ==> TableClasses(*)\Database Cache % Hit (Uncorrelated) \Database ==> Instances(*)\Sessions % Used \Database ==> Instances(*)\Table Open Cache % Hit \Database ==> Instances(*)\Log Checkpoint Depth as a % of Target \Database ==> Instances(*)\Database Cache % Hit \Database ==> Instances(*)\Database Cache % Hit (Uncorrelated) \LogicalDisk(*)\% Free Space \LogicalDisk(*)\% Disk Time \LogicalDisk(*)\% Disk Read Time \LogicalDisk(*)\% Disk Write Time \LogicalDisk(*)\% Idle Time \PhysicalDisk(*)\% Disk Time \PhysicalDisk(*)\% Disk Read Time \PhysicalDisk(*)\% Disk Write Time \PhysicalDisk(*)\% Idle Time \Cache\Data Map Hits % \Cache\Pin Read Hits % \Cache\Copy Read Hits % \Cache\MDL Read Hits % \Processor(*)\% Processor Time \Processor(*)\% User Time \Processor(*)\% Privileged Time \Processor(*)\% DPC Time \Processor(*)\% Interrupt Time \Processor(*)\% Idle Time \Processor(*)\% C1 Time \Processor(*)\% C2 Time \Processor(*)\% C3 Time \Memory\% Committed Bytes In Use \Paging File(*)\% Usage \Paging File(*)\% Usage Peak \System\% Registry Quota In Use \Process(*)\% Processor Time \Process(*)\% User Time \Process(*)\% Privileged Time \Thread(*)\% Processor Time \Thread(*)\% User Time \Thread(*)\% Privileged Time \Job Object(*)\Current % Processor Time \Job Object(*)\Current % User Mode Time \Job Object(*)\Current % Kernel Mode Time \Job Object Details(*)\% Processor Time \Job Object Details(*)\% User Time \Job Object Details(*)\% Privileged Time \Terminal Services Session(*)\% Processor Time \Terminal Services Session(*)\% User Time \Terminal Services Session(*)\% Privileged Time \USB(*)\% Total Bandwidth Used for Interrupt \USB(*)\% Total Bandwidth Used for Iso \Web Service Cache\File Cache Hits % \Web Service Cache\URI Cache Hits % \Web Service Cache\Metadata Cache Hits % \Web Service Cache\Kernel: URI Cache Hits % \Web Service Cache\Output Cache Current Hits %